Right now we have a chance to make the missing Bruce Highway on/off ramps at Dohles Rocks Road a reality – 80% of the funding has been provided by the Federal Government already!

But nothing can happen until the Labor State Government, who owns the land, allows this to take place.

Our community needs these on and off ramps to save us all time and stop people rat-running through the suburb.

You can support the campaign by:

  1. Clicking the sign button below to stay up to date with Peter’s campaign
  2. Writing to your local State Member, Steven Miles MP anhd letting him know your thoughts at Murrumba@parliament.qld.gov.au
  3. Writing to the Premier and letting her know your thoughts at thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au
  4. Joining or running a community campaign and getting your neighbours and friends to do steps 1-3



On/Off Ramps at Dohles Rocks Road


Yes I want to support Peter Dutton's campaign to upgrade Dohles Rocks Road and call on the QLD State Government to do whatever they can to fund this construction.

Please keep me up to date with the campaign.

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