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3 March 2011 Nicola Roxon was noticeably Missing in Action when Julia Gillard tore apart the Rudd-Roxon health ‘reforms’ – ‘reforms’ Minister Roxon spent months spruiking as the cure for the health system’s ills.
It appears she’s now overcome the embarrassment and humiliation of that experience and has emerged back on board the ‘reform’ wagon.
It remains to be seen how long the wagon lasts before the wheels fall off again.
The National Health Reform Amendment (National Health Performance Authority) Bill introduced today will be considered by the Coalition in due course.
It is likely the Bill will be the subject of a Parliamentary committee inquiry and the Coalition will be interested to see what recommendations are made.
Given the Minister’s exaggerated rhetoric about the importance of everything she does – it’s worth recounting a few facts.
The Rudd-Gillard Government promised four years ago to ‘fix’ public hospitals and hasn’t.
Four years ago it promised to deliver 36 so-called GP super clinics – only a handful are fully functional – some were opened without a single doctor on staff.
It promised to cut elective surgery and emergency department waiting times and hasn’t.
It produced a noodle nation financial plan and branded it ‘historic health reform’.
So ‘historic’ was this reform that it lasted just ten months before being ditched for a different noodle nation financial model.
Real reform in health would start with the removal of this Minister from office.
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