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27 October 2010   “The indiscriminate creation of new bodies….jeopardises policy outcomes and poses financial risks to the taxpayer”Lindsay Tanner 14 October 2009
More than a year after Kevin Rudd was to have “fixed” our hospitals, the so-called Rudd-Roxon-Gillard health ‘reform’ begins – and it starts with formation of a bigger bureaucracy.
The National Health and Hospitals Network Bill was passed by the House of Representatives today. It provides for the establishment of the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care.
Of course that commission already exists and has done so for years, operating as an entity within the Department of Health.
But for the Rudd-Roxon-Gillard gang the way to ‘fix’ health is to build a bigger bureaucracy, to spend precious public dollars on public servants rather than frontline health workers.
Creating great big new bureaucracies comes straight from the state Labor handbook – the Labor State Governments have been doing it to the detriment of their health systems for a decade.
And little more than copying that failed model could be expected from the nation’s first Federal ‘Premier’ – Kevin Rudd.
Now the Gillard Government pushes blindly on with the Rudd ‘reforms’ and will spend $35.2 million dollars to expand this existing commission. The states and territories will pay more.
The next steps in the so-called ‘reform’ process is for the Gillard Government to claw-back GST revenue from the states to pretend that more ‘federal’ money is going into our hospitals – another Labor pea-and-thimble trick.
That will be followed by the creation of more bureaucracy – the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority – price tag $91.8 million - and the National Performance Authority – price tag $109.5 million.    
Labor’s ‘reform’ is deluded. Putting more and more bureaucrats on the public purse will not deliver better patient outcomes.
Rudd and Gillard should have heeded the words of their former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner to an Australian Institute of Company Directors conference last year.
He said this:
The indiscriminate creation of new bodies, or the failure to adapt old bodies as their circumstances changes, increases the risk of having inappropriate governance structures. This in turn jeopardises policy outcomes and poses financial risks to the taxpayer. Incorporating a new function within a department is almost always the preferred option because of the difficulties a small body faces in meeting its own needs.”
The Coalition opposed the National Health and Hospitals Network Bill in the House and will oppose it in the Senate.
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