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16 September, 2009
21 July 2009 The latest “snapshot” of Australia’s Emergency Department’s has yet again put the lie to Kevin Rudd’s promise to “fix” the nation’s hospitals. Almost a month after Mr Rudd’s failure to deliver on his promise comes new information which shows that rather than improving – the situatio... more
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01 July, 2009
30 June 2009 The deadline has arrived – the delivery is missing. Kevin Rudd’s promise to “fix” the nation’s hospitals today lies exposed as nothing more than a cynical ploy perpetrated for electoral popularity at the last election.   The Prime Minister’s self-imposed deadline to “fix” hospi... more
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12 June, 2009
 A little noticed happening occurred two weeks ago, but it was an incredibly instructive insight into the Rudd Government that is in power in Canberra. On May 25 Health Minister Nicola Roxon held a news conference, shortly after so too did the ACT’s Health Minister Katy Gallagher – both conve... more
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12 June, 2009
2 June 2009 The Rudd Government last night refused to increase taxes on cigarettes preferring instead to make health insurance more expensive for 1.7 million Australians. Its action will see private health insurance rebates for almost ten per cent of Australians phased down and wiped out, leaving ... more
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14 May, 2009
The Rudd Labor Government was forced to reveal today that a staggering 1.7 million Australians – 10 per cent of the population - will be slugged with massive hikes in private health insurance costs and taxes in the wake of the Rudd Government’s broken promise on health insurance rebates. One point ... more
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13 May, 2009
Bowen, a young Melbourne boy who suffers from Hunter Syndrome desperately needs access to the life saving drug, Elaprase but has been denied it. The drug is available to other young children such as Beaconsfield’s Jimmy Webber. It halts the relentless progression of the crippling disease and gives ... more
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11 May, 2009
Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton today said Tuesday’s budget was likely to include a “big spend” in health to try to mask the Rudd Labor Government’s failure to honour its election promises. “Mr Rudd will try to divert attention from his failures and broken promises in health with a headline ann... more
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08 May, 2009
Labor Media Release – Kevin Rudd and Nicola Roxon - 22 September 2007 “A Rudd Labor Government will retain the Medicare safety net as Australian working families have come to rely on it for help with their family budgets. “Federal Labor will not put more pressure on family budgets by taking that... more
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