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A Warner couple, Darren and Sally Vardy, have told Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott they have cut their power bills by around 40 per cent after putting solar panels on their roof.
Mr Abbott inspected the Vardy’s solar system during a visit to the Dickson electorate on Wednesday (December 9).
Mr and Mrs Vardy have had a one kilowatt solar power system installed which feeds power back into the electricity grid.
They are paid more for the power they generate than they pay for the power they use.
Mr Abbott visited the Vardy’s with the Member for Dickson Peter Dutton.
He said direct action, such as the use of solar panels on homes, was “the way of the future” in addressing climate issues rather than Kevin Rudd’s ETS tax that would damage the economy and cost jobs.
He said the Coalition had introduced $8000 rebates to help residents buy solar systems for private homes, but the Rudd Government had first means-tested the rebates and then abolished them.
Mr Abbott said incentives such as the rebates could be given at all levels from the household to the enterprise level to encourage effective action to counter climate change.
“What we need is environmental direct action – action which is actually going to make a difference. What we don’t need is a whopping new tax masquerading as an environmental measure.”
Mr Dutton said the Coalition was serious about protecting the environment.
“The Coalition will produce an alternative policy to address climate change issues early in
“We don’t support Mr Rudd’s new tax, which even he can’t explain,” he said.
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