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4 December 2009
Queensland Labor has finally admitted that it can’t manage the State’s health system.
Today’s report in Brisbane’s Courier Mail“Let Canberra have our hospitals” – was an abject admission of failure, Federal Shadow Minister for Health Peter Dutton said today.
“For years the Beattie and Bligh Governments have promised and pledged, claimed and assured Queenslanders that they would fix health - or even more laughably - that they had fixed health.”
“But today the truth – they can’t manage health, they’ve finally admitted their incompetence.”
Mr Dutton said now it was up to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to keep his promise to ‘fix’ Queensland hospitals.
 “But just like Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh, Kevin Rudd’s promises to ‘fix’ things are nothing more than spin,” Mr Dutton said.
“He made his promise to ‘fix’ hospitals more than two years ago, he’s now into the final year of a full term of Government and he’s done nothing.”
“Next election he’ll again be promising to ‘fix’ health!”
Mr Dutton said Queenslanders would find that all too familiar. Kevin Rudd was simply following the Beattie/Bligh Labor handbook of mouthing bunkum.
“Just as Queenslanders found that first Peter Beattie and then Anna Bligh were full of spin and no substance, so they would find Kevin Rudd,” Mr Dutton said.
“It’s worth remembering Kevin Rudd caused the problems in health. He’s the man who ordered the removal of 2200 beds through ward and hospital closures during the Goss Government.”
Mr Dutton said if Labor had properly managed the billions of dollars poured into health with proper planning, hiring frontline health workers rather than spending on backroom bureaucrats and spin doctors the health system would not be in dire straits.
“Next week the Council of Australian Governments meets in Brisbane to focus on problems in the health sector. It will be an opportunity for Kevin Rudd to yet again step up to the mark and outline how he will keep his broken promise to ‘fix’ our hospitals.”
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