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4 December 2009
The latest performance data for New South Wales hospitals highlights yet again the failure of the State Labor Government to manage the health system and of Kevin Rudd to keep his promise to ‘fix’ public hospitals.
Not one area health service across the entire state managed to meet all benchmarks for dealing with patients at emergency departments.
Patients with “imminently” life threatening and “potentially” life threatening conditions waited far longer for treatment at the state’s emergency wards than they should.
Shadow Minister for Health Peter Dutton said the latest report on performance of New South Wales hospitals painted a frightening picture.
“Despite the billions of dollars that Kevin Rudd is pouring into hospitals, outcomes for patients are not improving – no matter how he or his Health Minister try to spin the picture.”
“The hard numbers show the truth. If you need emergency treatment at a public hospital in New South Wales you won’t get it in the timeframes that  you should.”
Mr Dutton said that as usual Labor tried to come up with an excuse for its failures – this time blaming swine flu as the cause of performance failures.
But the real problem was that there were not enough doctors and nurses on the frontline because Labor at both State and Federal level was pouring  money into burgeoning bureaucracies while closing beds and cutting medical staff.
“No wonder Nathan Rees this week was trying to force Kevin Rudd to live up to his promise to takeover hospitals.”
“Of course Premier Rees – the latest in a long line of incompetent Labor leaders – was sacked by his colleagues within 24 hours of unveiling his plan, we now wait to see what stance NSW will take at the Council of Australian Governments meeting on health next week.”
Mr Dutton said Kevin Rudd needed to stop stalling on health and deliver the improvements he continually promised.

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