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Remember when Kevin Rudd uttered that four-letter word on television.

It was as faked and staged as everything this Prime Minister does and probably run through a focus group fifty times before it left the Prime Ministerial mouth.

I don’t think he can help it – he’s just plain boring.

And the Parliament of Australia is paying a price for it.

Kevin Rudd’s recent parliamentary performance has been a disgrace, and certainly not behaviour becoming a Prime Minister.

I will be shouted down by the usual suspects, but ten minute responses without any substantive detail shows Mr Rudd’s contempt for the Parliament, and frankly a level of arrogance which will eventually catch up with him.

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd both advocated from opposition for shorter answer times, but the Prime Minister has taken it to a new level.

The frustration experienced by members of the opposition is shared by many in the gallery and I suspect many on the backbench.

Join me at 9am Wednesday to discuss your assessment of Rudd the bore, and how do you respond to the series of Rudd lectures, formerly known as question time.

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