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Labor has a very short memory when it comes to border security matters.


In a farcical media release today Richard Marles cries crocodile tears and says he is concerned about the PNG Supreme Court decision and calls for all sorts of actions. 


For the record it was Labor that entered into the arrangement with PNG.


Labor entered into an arrangement because they had no idea what to do with the thousands of people arriving illegally during a period when they had surrendered our sovereignty to criminal people smuggling syndicates. 


1200 people drowned during Labor’s incompetence. Where was Mr Marles during this period?


Amidst the comical statements of Mr Marles there were some familiar words.


Familiar in the sense that Bill Shorten and Richard Marles are sounding very similar to Kevin Rudd in his approach before the 2007 election.


Labor’s game is to make people believe they will continue the successful policies of the Coalition Government when it comes to border protection policy. 


The trouble is Labor talks a tough game from Opposition and then goes weak at the knees in Government when the Left demands a backflip.


Not only does Labor have no credibility when it comes to border protection policy, people should never forget who created these problems in the first place.



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