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31 August 2009

Residents of the City of Cockburn in Western Australia could be waiting a long time for Kevin Rudd to deliver a new so-called “GP Super Clinic”.

So far the Government is yet to have any of the 31 “Super Clinics” it promised before the last election opened and fully operational.

Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said Labor’s track record was non-existent.

 “Mr Rudd’s good at making promises – like his promise to fix hospitals by June this year – but it’s a very different story on delivering on them.”

“You wouldn’t want to be holding your breath waiting for this latest promised-clinic to open.”

Mr Dutton said the Rudd Government was fast approaching two years in office, yet it hadn’t managed to open the doors on one medical centre that it was prepared to brand a super clinic.

A facility that is supposed to be a super clinic is partially opened at Palmerston in the Northern Territory, but the Department of Health told a Senate Estimates hearing it just couldn’t be described as a “super clinic”.

“Communities around Australia may find there’s a considerable difference between the services Mr Rudd like’s to spruik will be delivered by these so-called super clinics and what they actually get,” Mr Dutton said.

“These super clinics may not be so super after all.”

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