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10 August 2009

South Australia is the latest Labor state caught out “doctoring” elective surgery waiting lists to hide thousands of people - again highlighting the sick state of health which Kevin Rudd has failed to fix.

Revelations by Adelaide’s Sunday Mail that thousands of people are “languishing for years on a hidden waiting list” makes a mockery of the Prime Minister’s ‘listening tour’ of Australia to find out what’s wrong.

“Mr Rudd knows exactly what’s wrong with Australia’s health system and hospitals, that’s why he promised to fix it by June this year.

He failed to do a thing, now he’s simply stalling to use health to his political advantage at the next election,” Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said.

Mr Dutton said the Sunday Mail report showed how hollow Federal and State Labor claims that they were ‘fixing’ elective surgery waiting lists really were.

“The Rann Government parades figures which show its meeting targets in reducing waiting times – and to do so it simply pushes people needing treatment to lower priority categories so they don’t show up,” Mr Dutton said.

“What a sham – and its sham that Kevin Rudd knows about and condones.”

Mr Dutton said the thousands of South Australians waiting for surgery had every right to be angry with a Prime Minister who promises one thing – to fix health – and delivers nothing more than the same old dysfunctional responses of State Labor.

 “Kevin Rudd has poured several hundred million dollars into state coffers for additional elective surgery to lower waiting lists, but who can believe either his or State Labor claims that it’s working.”

Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian hospitals have all been found to be “doctoring” waiting lists this year.

“They claim results that simply aren’t accurate or honest and Kevin Rudd is complicit in allowing the figures to be cooked.”

Mr Dutton said the Prime Minister should stop the charade of his national consultations to find out what’s wrong with health and do as he’d promised – fix it.

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