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Subject: Paris attacks

E & EO Transcript

JOURNALIST: Our Immigration Minister Peter Dutton joins me live from Brisbane. Minister, thanks for your time.

PETER DUTTON: Thanks Kochie.

JOURNALIST: What lessons can Australia learn from the Paris attacks?

PETER DUTTON: Well Kochie the Government was criticised only a week ago when I said that we are not going to rush bringing the 12,000 people into Australia.

I want to make sure that the security checks are properly undertaken. We check the biometrics with our security partners to make sure that we minimise the threat as best possible.

I was in Jordan only the week before last and there is a lot of talk there about false documents and false passports and we need to make sure that we know who is coming to our country.

Under no circumstance are we going to rush the process or compromise the security of our country.

JOURNALIST: There are calls from some quarters to completely close our borders to refugees.

Are you considering this?

PETER DUTTON: Kochie we’re not.

Australia obviously faces a very different situation than countries in Europe that have land borders.

With our sea borders we have a very tough policy. Again the Government has been criticised for that, but we make no apology for it and we are not going to change it.

If you lose control of your borders as we are seeing in some parts of Europe now, there are consequences that flow.

When 50,000 people came here unannounced on 800 boats, some people were released into the community and we have no idea who those people were.

So it is important that you maintain proper border security and make sure that you know who is coming in and going out.

The Government is going to continue that policy. I think this just demonstrates why we do need a tough border setting, but at the same time we can bring in people such as the Syrians that we are bringing in who are fleeing this murderous regime.

JOURNALIST: Have you paused that at the moment though?

PETER DUTTON: No we’ve not. What I have said Kochie and part of the reason I went to Amman and to Beirut was to give very clear instruction to the people at the post there that we are not going to be rushed in relation to the security checks and health checks.

We want to make sure we know who is coming and again we are not going to compromise on that.

And if it means that the programme timeline is blown out, then I said in speeches to the embassy staff last week then that is going to be a consequence of it, but we are not going to rush this process.

JOURNALIST: Ok. Peter Dutton, thank you very much for joining us. Appreciate it.

PETER DUTTON: Thanks Kochie.

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