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27 July 2009

Kevin Rudd has run away from taking the tough decisions on health for the second time in a month.

The Prime Minister failed to meet his promise to fix hospitals by mid-2009, now he’s going to sit on his hands after his handpicked Commission told him action was required.

“This is clearly a Prime Minister who would say anything to get elected and then run-away from the hard decisions once in office,” Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said today.

“He’s squibbed it for the second time in a month – to the detriment of Australians and their healthcare.”

“Remember Mr Rudd was the person who said he had a plan to fix health and he’d do it by mid-2009.”

“Once elected his plan amounted to setting up a Commission to give him a plan.”

“Now the Commission has done that and Kevin Rudd is running away from doing anything at all as fast as he can.”

“Mr Rudd had consultations to set up the Commission, the Commission had consultations to address the issues in health and now Mr Rudd needs more consultations to consider the Commission’s consultations,” Mr Dutton said.

“I know Labor can’t make a decision without a committee, but this is ridiculous.”

Unfortunately for Australians – the mums and dads waiting 12 hours in Emergency for treatment for their kids, the older Australians desperately hoping for treatment on hospital waiting lists – nothing will now change, Mr Dutton said.

 “Kevin Rudd needs to stop list listening to his army of spin doctors and do more to help Australians see real doctors.”

“Mr Rudd talked tough prior to the election, but now that he is in a position to implement his promises, he has rolled over to his Labor Premier mates who have run health into the ground.”

 Mr Dutton said Mr Rudd should not be allowed to simply walk away from such a key promise.


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