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  • Shorten Fails Leadership Test - Remains Silent on Turn-Backs
The Labor Party is hopelessly split on stopping illegal maritime arrivals with Bill Shorten failing to show any leadership.

A day after one of his frontbencher’s said Labor should adopt the Coalition’s successful border protection policies of turning back the boats; Mr Shorten has again dodged the question.

Asked twice today whether Labor would turn-back the people smuggler’s boats Mr Shorten failed to provide an answer.

Instead there were more weasel words about “discouraging” people smugglers. Mr Shorten says he is determined to make sure that the seaways to Australia never again are open to the people smugglers – but he can’t or won’t say how.

Australians are entitled to know where Labor stands on the important issue of border control.

They also deserve to know whether Bill Shorten is leader of the Labor Party or merely a puppet of Labor’s left which is prepared to again throw open Australia’s borders just as Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard did – causing more than 1200 people to lose their lives at sea while more than 800 boats brought more than 50,000 illegal maritime arrivals to Australia.

The legacy of Labor’s border failures - yet another Labor mess - will take years to remedy.
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