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  • Labor All At Sea On Boats - Admits Failure - Denies Solution
Labor’s Immigration spokesman Richard Marles must spell out precisely how Labor would shut down the people smuggling trade.

Mr Marles told SKY NEWS today that: “We are going to do everything we can to make sure that journey (the flow of illegal maritime arrivals to Australia) never starts again.”

What he couldn’t say was – how!

At least he finally admitted to Labor’s failures, telling SKY NEWS: “It is absolutely essential that we never allow again the flow of asylum seekers from Java to Christmas Island which results in people dying in their hundreds and ultimately in their thousands.”

Labor’s leadership is totally at odds on what to do.

Yesterday the Opposition Leader told an audience in Sydney: “…if we have policies which drag people here to hop on unsafe boats and drown at sea, well, I’m not going to be party to that.”

But then refused to answer whether Labor would continue the Coalition’s successful policies. Labor has a ‘real’ problem – who is the ‘real’ Bill.

And then there’s Tanya Plibersek - “We certainly have been opposed to turnbacks” – she told SKY NEWS in March.

Labor remains without any credible policy or solution to protecting Australia’s borders – under Labor it could all happen again – hundreds of boats carrying tens of thousands of illegal maritime arrivals to Australia.

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