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Another month has passed without a successful people smuggling venture to Australia under Operation Sovereign Borders.

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton said that there has been no successful arrival in Australia since June last year – over 10 months ago – and the Government is committed to keeping it that way.

This Government’s tough border protection policies have acted as a strong deterrent for people smugglers trying to fill boats.

“We remain committed to returning boats that try to reach our shores illegally by turning them back where it’s safe to do so,” Mr Dutton said.

“This commitment was demonstrated a few weeks ago when the governments of Australia and Vietnam worked together to disrupt a people smuggling venture carrying 46 Vietnamese nationals who attempted to travel illegally by boat to Australia.

“The 46 people were able to be safely returned to Vietnam after we were assured that they did not have a claim to protection and that we had met our international obligations.

“This would have not been possible without the assistance of the Vietnamese Government.

“This latest turn back should act as a reminder to people seeking to come to Australia illegally that you should not be under any illusion that things have changed.

“The Government will continue to implement tough measures to protect our borders and is committed to ending the criminal activity of people smuggling.

“Operation Sovereign Borders is ensuring that the illegal way to Australia is closed.”

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