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  • Marles Still Quiet on Turn-Backs
Richard Marles still won't confirm Labor's position on abandoning turn-backs.

Since Tayna Plibersek’s comments, Labor has refused to deny that they would change the Coalition Government’s highly successful solution to saving lives at sea and stopping the boats.

Just over five months ago Mr Marles stated that the Labor Party would consider adopting turn-backs and then on the 18 month anniversary of Operation Sovereign Borders last week he back flipped on this.

In a press conference on the weekend he was highly critical of the Government’s response to the Moss Review even though his government was the one that opened the centre in the first place.

Perhaps Ms Plibersek and some of her far left colleagues have been applying some pressure for him to back her up on her irresponsible comments.

It is irresponsible for Labor to say that they would abolish turn-backs. Mr Marles claimed the most important aspect of stopping the boats was Labor’s RRA, which was little more than a blank sheet of paper.

All of this is despite the evidence that 534 boats arrived under Labor in their last 18 months of Government and 1 arrived since the introduction of turn-backs.

Cost, chaos and tragedy at sea was the order of the day under Labor.

This is no longer the case under the Coalition Government. We’ve stopped the boats and we are getting on with the job of resettlement, once again cleaning up a Labor mess in partnership with regional governments.

We asked Bill Shorten to state his position publically again and again and got nothing.

Labor are totally conflicted on the issue of border protection. A Labor Government would bring the boats, cost and tragedy at sea back, just like they did last time.

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