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Labor’s implementation of an e-health patient record is a $1 billion disappointment.  With nearly $1 billion spent on the program, it has failed to deliver anywhere near what the Labor Government promised.

The e-health program has been shown to be more about politics than about policy and more about spin than about outcomes for patients.

“Australian Doctor has reported that there are only 4,000 e-health records in existence.  At a cost of $1 billion that works out at $250,000 per record,” said Peter Dutton.

“This latest development proves this government is incapable of delivering on e-health.  It speaks volumes about Labor’s incompetence,” he added.

Apart from the very low take up rate, the system itself is deeply flawed.  The Government has been throwing good money after bad, spending money getting Medicare Locals to sign people up to a program that does not yet have basic clinical protocols in place, let alone support from clinicians.

“The Coalition continues to provide in-principle support for e-health, but shares the concern of many in the sector about Labor’s incompetence in managing the process,” said Mr Dutton.

The previous Coalition Government achieved significant improvements in the computerisation of general practice, from 17 per cent to over 94 per cent, by working with the profession and implementing effective policy. 

“If elected, the Coalition will assess the true status of the PCEHR implementation and again work with health professionals and the broader sector to provide real results on this important reform for patient care,” Mr Dutton said.

The e-health debacle follows a pattern of waste and incompetence from the Labor Government.  It joins the ranks of catastrophically mismanaged programs such as pink batts and school halls.

It also follows Labor’s failure to deliver on its much promised GP Super Clinics and the 16 Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centres which never materialised.

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