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  • Full steam ahead for MBRL under LNP

The Moreton Bay Rail Link will continue full steam ahead under a Federal Coalition Government.

Peter Dutton, the Federal Member for Dickson and Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing, and Luke Howarth, Liberal National Candidate for Petrie, have today re-affirmed the Liberal National Party’s commitment to the construction of the Moreton Bay Rail Link.

“This project will be completed under a Coalition government,” said Peter Dutton.

Luke Howarth said that with the rail project into the construction phase, the funding and contracts will be fully honoured by a Coalition government in Canberra.

“Any government will be limited in what it can do when we are almost $300 billion in debt because of Labor’s waste and reckless spending,” Mr Howarth said.

“The project is on time and on budget under the Queensland LNP Government,” he added.

Mr Dutton and Mr Howarth said they expected Labor to drum up a fear campaign over the project, though believed residents would see through it.

“I fully expect Labor to run a baseless scare campaign in the lead up to the federal election over this project, but the voters of Petrie have heard all of Labor’s nonsense before,” said Mr Howarth.

“Just like the last State Election, Labor’s scare campaign will come unstuck,” he added.

Mr Howarth said along with the Moreton Bay Rail Link, the Coalition will focus on road infrastructure projects that create jobs and boost our trade interstate and overseas.

“Tony Abbott has made important, iron-clad commitments to provide $1 billion so we can upgrade the Gateway Motorway in Brisbane and $5.6 billion to fully duplicate the Pacific Highway from Newcastle to the Queensland border. These are both vital road projects that will speed up travel times, make freight movements more efficient, lift productivity and boost the economy of Queensland,” Mr Howarth said.

Traditionally, Commonwealth funding has not been used to fund urban rail projects and this remains the position of the Coalition. The traditional role of federal governments is to help fund major roads and interstate freight rail projects. Commuter rail projects have been the responsibility of the States and Territories.

“The Coalition understands the pressures on infrastructure in Queensland, and we are fully committed to meeting the needs of a growing state,” said Mr Dutton.

“Only the Coalition has a plan with real solutions to deliver a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia,” Mr Howarth said.


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