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12 December JOINT MEDIA RELEASE Hon Peter Dutton MP,  Seath Holswich Member for Pine Rivers and Trevor Ruthenberg Member for Kallangur

 Local MPs promoted the Christmas road safety campaign alongside Pine Rivers District Police in Lawnton today.

Trevor Ruthenberg MP, Seath Holswich MP and Peter Dutton MP are urging all residents to remain alert and aware of the Fatal Five this festive season.

This year’s road safety measure will include inattention in addition to speeding, drink driving, not wearing a seatbelt and driving while fatigued, making up the Fatal Five.

“We all want nothing more than everyone to arrive at their destination safely.  No phone call or song is worth the lives of you or your loved ones,” Mr Ruthenberg said.

“The Queensland Police Service will be out on Queensland roads across the Christmas break and into the new year as part of measures to address road safety,” Mr Holswich said.

In promoting the Christmas road safety message, the MPs provided a stark visual reminder of the number of lives lost on Queensland roads this year, with row upon row of crosses blanketing the Gympie Rd median strip at Lawnton this morning.

“As at 2nd December there had been 258 lives lost on Queensland roads this year,” Mr Holswich said. “Unfortunately this number continues to rise, with another life lost just yesterday on the Western Freeway.”

Peter Dutton MP joined local state MPs in reminding local residents to enjoy the festive season safely.

“I urge all residents across our community to observe the Fatal Five as they use local roads, whether it is a highway or a local road, don’t take the risk.”

“This holiday period I urge everyone take the time to slow down, pay attention and observe the Fatal Five: do not drive tired, do not drink drive, do not speed, do not become distracted and wear a seatbelt,” Mr Ruthenberg added.

Residents are reminded to call Triple Zero (000) in cases of emergency and to report non-urgent incidents to either Policelink (131 444) or Queensland Ambulance (13 12 33).



Contact:          Seath Holswich                       3205 6779

                        Trevor Ruthenberg                 3491 8800

                        Peter Dutton                            3205 9977


Additional Road Safety Facts and Figures:


·         In 2011 the QPS issued 30,534 tickets for mobile phone related driving offences.


·         Between 1 Jan 2010 and 31 July 2012 QPS issued 80,258 tickets for mobile phone use infringements.


·         In the same timeframe 159 have been caught driving while watching a TV screen in a vehicle.


·         In the same timeframe 508 have been caught with a person or animal on their lap.


·         In the same timeframe 4 people were fined for leading their dog through the window of their car while driving. 2 others were fined where the passenger was leading the dog.


·         Between 2009 and 2011 (3 years) inattention and/or distraction was the major contributing factor to 3125 persons hospitalised after a vehicle crash. This is out of a total of 19,245 hospitalisations.


·         In 2009 nearly 10% of deaths on the road (QLD) were caused by driver inattention or distraction.


·         Last year a national survey into driver mobile phone usage (796 drivers aged 17 to 76) found that 43% admitted they had answered mobile phone calls while driving; 36% made calls; 27% read texts; 18% sent texts.



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