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 Wednesday 12 September 2012         Federal Shadow Health Minister, Peter Dutton, today congratulated the Queensland Health Minister, on reviving Queensland Health and putting the system back on track with an $800m investment and a strategy of getting more money to front line services.

“Queensland Health was a basket case under Labor and it was in a death spiral.  Lawrence Springborg is getting Queensland Health back on its feet and in time Mums and Dads in emergency departments and pensioners on waiting lists will be thanking the Newman Government for spending more on patients,” Mr Dutton said.

Mr Dutton also questioned why Tanya Plibersek had only recently become interested in Queensland Health.

“Where were Tanya Plibersek and the unions when Labor was ripping the guts out of Queensland health workers and their families during the worlds longest pay debacle? Tanya Plibersek can cry all the crocodile tears she likes, but in adding thousands of extra staff in the bureaucracy, the Minister has taken money away from patient services,” Mr Dutton said

Mr Dutton was not surprised that Tanya Plibersek is attached to Labor’s Queensland legacy which is strikingly similar to Federal Labor’s record.

“Gillard Labor has followed Bligh Labor in bloating the bureaucracy, which results in doctors and nurses being starved of money and patients missing out on essential services. Labor are great at building bureaucracies and hopeless at delivering services and health outcomes for patients,” Mr Dutton said.

Minister Springborg and the Newman Government have done what Liberal-National Governments do - they clean up Labor messes.  Labor taxes and spends and wastes money. Conservative Governments pay back their debt and get services back on track

“There's only so much money in the pie. You can take Labor’s path and spend taxpayers money on shiny towers housing public servants or you can take the Liberal way and spend it on helping doctors and nurses deliver for patients,” Mr Dutton said.


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