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Friday 15 June 2012  The Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing, Peter Dutton, has called on Minister Plibersek to commit all of the $325 million Tasmanian health bail-out to frontline services.

“Minister Plibersek must commit that not one dollar of the Tasmanian bail-out will be spent on bureaucracy. Every dollar must go directly to the provision of front line services,” Mr Dutton said.

 Given the record of the Gillard Government, Mr Dutton is concerned that the Government’s funding bail-out will be swallowed by bureaucracies.

 “The Gillard Government has created at least a dozen new bureaucracies costing close to $1 billion over the forward estimates. They need a new approach. More nurses not more clerks, more hospital beds, not administration desks,” Mr Dutton said.

 Mr Dutton has pointed out that monitoring of the funds is essential but adding another layer of bureaucracy is wasteful.

“Minister Plibersek has over 6000 Departmental staff and 12 new bureaucratic structures - can't they do the monitoring without setting up yet another structure. She should keep the bail out dollars for treating patients,” Mr Dutton said.

Rather than ruling out bail-out dollars for bureaucrats, today Ms Plibersek promised a commission to do what she has failed to do, hold the Tasmania Government to account. On the 9 February 2012, Ms Plibersek promised the Parliament about Tasmania, “we will be all over them like a rash.”

This bail-out is as a result of the Labor-Green State Government ripping out $430m from health.

Mr Dutton has connected Labor’s obsession with new bureaucratic structures and lousy service delivery with the Minister’s inability to hold the Tasmanian Labor-Greens to account.

“How many times can the Minister fail to hold the Tasmania Government to account before the Prime Minister calls her to account. The Prime Minister should judge Minister Plibersek’s performance on services delivered not bureaucracies invented,” Mr Dutton said.

"It also seems from the Ministers statement the Tasmanian Government has not yet signed the contract with the Commonwealth.  Will this be required before the money flows?" Mr Dutton said.

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