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Wednesday 31 May 2012         Today the ‘Labor-Greens-Windsor-Oakeshott Government’ delivered a vicious blow to dentists.

The weak Gillard Government was facing defeat on the floor of the Parliament. The Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing, Peter Dutton has sought to end the Government’s vicious political attacks on dentists, through a Private Members Bill to protect dentists who acted in good faith under the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme (CDDS). The Greens and the pseudo-independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott voted with the Government and against dedicated dentists.

“Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott, as rusted-on supporters of the Gillard Government, should be honest with the dentists of their electorates and take up ALP memberships. They have stood by Gillard instead of local professionals,” Mr Dutton said.

Minister Kim Carr paved the way for the Government’s attack by attempting to muddy the waters with references to inappropriate practice and promises of a Determination. But Carr and Health Minister Plibersek continue to avoid talking about the real issue, dentists facing huge bills for doing quality work and merely not understanding the Medicare paperwork requirements.

Mr Dutton has grave concerns for dentists suffering under a Government that cannot be trusted. 

“This was a missed opportunity to deliver fairness and certainty to dentists and put politics aside, but the Greens said ‘No’, Tony Windsor said ‘No’ and Rob Oakeshott said ‘No’,” Mr Dutton said.

The Government has promised a Determination on the issue but with their record of incompetence and inability to tell the truth about the issue dentists will be left hanging.


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