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 30 November 2011   Australians who provide for their healthcare with private health insurance will be forced to pay for the Gillard Government’s waste and mismanagement.

The Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook re-confirmed that the Gillard Government is determined to try to attack families by means testing the health insurance rebates.
“Australians are struggling to meet their bills as cost-of-living expenses continue to rise yet this Government is intent of slugging them further,” Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said.
“Julia Gillard and Nicola Roxon have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on failed GP Super Clinics and will waste almost a billion more setting up unnecessary new bureaucracies, but instead of cutting their own waste they want to deny people with private health insurance the 30 per cent rebate.”
“They are intent on taking money out of the pockets of Australians to pay for their phoney surplus in the next Budget.”
Mr Dutton said the Parliament had twice rejected the Government’s plan to means test private health insurance rebates and the Government should heed that message and abandoned its ill-conceived changes.
He said such changes to private health insurance would damage the health system as a whole, driving people out of private health insurance and into the public hospital system where patients already faced long delays for elective surgery and Emergency Department treatment.
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