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3 November 2011 The Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing Peter Dutton said today the Australian Medical Association’s latest Public Hospital Report Card put the lie to the Gillard Government’s constant, extravagant claims of reform and improved performance in health.

“This is the word from the frontline in health – this is what real doctors say is the situation, not what Nicola Roxon’s spin doctors spruik.”

“And what are those real doctors telling us?”

“They report that nothing has changed – that there has been little improvement in public hospital capacity and performance across Australia in 2010.”

“Five years of over-blown talk of health reform, of cutting waiting times in emergency or for elective surgery by Kevin Rudd, Nicola Roxon and Julia Gillard amounts to nothing more than hot air,” Mr Dutton said.

Mr Dutton said the AMA report’s findings were concerning –

§  Public hospital performance in every state and territory below COAG targets

§  Hospitals struggling to meet demand

§  A third of patients considered “urgent cases” not treated within recommended times in emergency

§  Increased waiting times for elective surgery

§  Manipulated data with hidden waiting lists

“People will remember Kevin Rudd’s, Julia Gillard’s  and Nicola Roxon’s boasts that they had achieved “historic” reform, with billions of dollars poured into public hospitals – enough for thousands of new beds. Where’s it gone? What’s it gotten us?”

Mr Dutton said what little credibility Nicola Roxon had was shot to pieces by the latest Public Hospital Report Card.

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