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29 September 2011. Media Release from Dr Southcott, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Primary Healthcare.
A GP Super Clinic at Redcliffe was promised by the ALP in 2007. Until recently the Department of Health and Ageing were advising that the Clinic would open in July or August of this year. Builders on the site claim they have not been paid, work has stopped at the site, 3 members have resigned from the Redcliffe Hospital Board, the Queensland Minister for Health has refused their application for a loan and referred the matter to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.
Now that the Minister for Health and Ageing has refused to take responsibility for the Redcliffe GP Super Clinic fiasco and has instead blamed the Queensland State Government and their Minister for Health, the Opposition has six questions Minister Roxon needs to answer.
1.       Did the Funding Agreement for the Redcliffe GP Super Clinic require the Redcliffe Hospital Foundation to make their own contribution by a certain date?
2.       What was that date and what action did the Minister take when they did not make their contribution by that date?
3.       What action did the Minister take when the Redcliffe GP Super Clinic signed a construction contract for $11.5 million before 30 June 2010 when they only had access to $6.7 million dollars in funding?
4.       What action did the Minister take after the Queensland Auditor General on 15 October 2010 raised concern about the ability of the Foundation to continue as a going concern and said in their most recent Annual Report:
"Without further qualifying my opinion, attention is drawn to note 18 to the financial report which indicates that the Foundation has entered into a construction contract during the year ended 30 June 2010 with a financial obligation of $11,650,000. The Foundation has only secured funding of $6,700,000 for the construction works. This matter indicates the existence of a material uncertainty which may cast significant doubt about the Foundation’s ability to continue as a going concern and whether it will realise its assets and extinguish its liabilities in the normal course of business and at the amounts stated in the financial report.”
5.       What is the source of her independent advice that the project is viable?
6.       Given that the Funding Agreement was signed on 27 January 2009 and finance has not been arranged more than 3.5 years later, what action has the Minister taken to minimise the risk to taxpayers?
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