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7 September 2011 Nicola Roxon’s launch today of a “health implementation plan” defies the track record of the Rudd and Gillard Government’s over the past four years.
Labor has fallen over on the “implementation” of any of its major policies over its entire term in government as it lurches from one policy disaster to another implementation crisis – think ETS, carbon tax, pink batts, border protection, offshore processing, live cattle exports and too many more to mention.
Today’s “implementation plan” comes two years after Kevin Rudd was to have fixed the nation’s hospitals, Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said.
“You’re two years behind your promised implementation time Nicola!
Mr Dutton said Julia Gillard had highlighted the Rudd-Roxon failures in health by signing off on a “business-as-usual” health agreement with the states last month. 
He said Minister Roxon was fooling no-one by claiming she now had a plan that built on  “extensive progress” made over the last four years.
“Nicola Roxon should be judged on her past performance – or entire lack of it – not on what she’s promising for the future,” Mr Dutton said.
“Let’s look at a few of the ‘successes’ in the health that the Minister has listed today.”
·         Medicare Locals – a handful have been formed, they’re not doing anything, don’t know what they are supposed to do and no one, including Minister Roxon, can specify their role.
·         GP “Super Clinics” – 13 of a promised 64 are fully operational after four years – yet the Minister tries to spin the line that “32” are out there somewhere.
·         Real after hours doctors services are being replaced by a telephone service.
·         Local Hospital Networks were supposed to be in operation already – not next year.
·         We have “chairs” for two new bureaucracies which haven’t been formed yet – although they were supposed to be in operation two months ago.
·         One-Stop-Shops to help elderly Australians access aged care services were to be on every corner by last July – but now its just another telephone service.
“This Minister told us she had a plan for health in 2007 – now she tells us she has an ‘implementation plan’. Does anyone really believe that Nicola Roxon knows what she’s doing apart from replicating the Rudd-routine of producing meaningless, expensive colour brochures on Labor’s so called ‘successes’ in health.”
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