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2 August 2011   Transcript of interview with the Hon Peter Dutton MP  on ABC Brisbane with Madonna King
MADONNA KING: Peter Dutton. Good morning.
PETER DUTTON: Good morning Madonna.
MADONNA KING: Who will be responsible for health now, is it the Local Area Network chief? Is it Queensland or is it the Commonwealth?
PETER DUTTON: Well it is not clear under the agreement that has been put in place because with these extra layers of bureaucracy, and talking about the Commonwealth taking over the bigger part of the funding, I don’t think either the Federal Minister or the State Minister can ultimately say who will be responsible and I think that is part of the flaw in what has been proposed at the moment.
MADONNA KING: But you and the Coalition certainly supported the operation of the Local Area Networks going into the last election, didn’t you?
PETER DUTTON:  Well, we believe very strongly that if you look at the problems in health, the root cause has to be related to the growing bureaucracy within Queensland Health, the pay debacle and other scenarios that have played out, in NSW in particular, have indicated and I think there is a real problem with centralisation of power in these health bureaucracies.
So we supported the creation of board type structures and if that is going to devolve  power and allow  doctors and nurses and people who know  their hospitals best to make decisions, then we are willing to give that a go.
But the problem is not with Geoff Wilson’s words, I mean he says the right words, it is just with the actions, that is what we will be monitoring closely.
MADONNA KING: So you say monitoring closely, do you applaud this deal and you are going to watch it or is there an element of the deal that you are very opposed to?
PETER DUTTON: I think the question mark still hangs over words as opposed to actions. I mean nobody can fault Julia Gillard in terms of her intent, but the problem is that she just can’t deliver and this is a ball that has been in the air for Julia Gillard for five or six months.
Kevin Rudd first promised to fix public hospitals, to end the blame game, to fund federally and have operations run locally. None of that has come to pass and we are four years down the track so, I think we just need to look at what they are saying.
When you dig through some of these figures there is not a lot of extra money.
Obviously the State Health Ministers like Mr Wilson are happy because they have been able to get a huge bucket of money over a very long period of time really with no changes, basically business as usual, so why wouldn’t they take the money.
MADONNA KING: I appreciate your time, thank you very much this morning.
PETER DUTTON: Thank you Madonna.
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