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3 June 2011 Threatening to deny states funding under its so-called health ‘reforms’ is a sign of Nicola Roxon’s desperation to get a deal on health.

For the second time in a year, Labor’s ‘reform’ is stalled with the Health Minister convening a crisis meeting next week to appease the states which are refusing to sign up to a health agreement..
“Nicola Roxon is facing her second embarrassing backdown and failure to deliver on her overblown promises of ‘historic’ health reform,” Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said today.
“The only thing that’s historic about Labor’s promised ‘reforms’ is how quickly they come and go.”
Mr Dutton said Julia Gillard’s deadline of July 1 to have an agreement on health with the states would not be met.
“Gillard Labor claims so-called health ‘reform’ as a great achievement, the fact is, at this point nothing has been achieved,” Mr Dutton said.
“Kevin Rudd’s claim to achieving ‘historic’ health reform lasted less than a year; Julia Gillard’s claim to achieving ‘historic’ health reform has lasted less than six months.”
Mr Dutton said the Health Minister’s issuing of yet another costly, glossy brochure outlining its supposed achievements was just another exercise in spin and could not hide the fact that Labor has not delivered on its numerous promises on health.
“As the AMA pointed out this week, there has been ‘no real change’ in the nation’s health system or public hospitals which Labor had promised to ‘fix’ by mid 2009.”
“It’s now mid 2011 and Nicola Roxon and Julia Gillard have, as yet, to gain agreement for any changes in health.”
Mr Dutton said he expected the states would eventually sign up to an agreement with the Gillard Government, but it would be a hugely watered down version of much touted Rudd-Gillard ‘reforms’.
“That will become all too apparent when the government finally reveals the significant amendments it will make to its legislation to establish a National Performance Authority in coming weeks,” Mr Dutton said.
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