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Thursday 2 June 2011
The Hon Peter Dutton MP regarding the senseless killing of Senior Constable Damian Leeding
13:48  I pay respect to and honour to plain clothes Senior Constable Damian Leeding. We are all saddened, sickened and angry at the senseless killing of Damian. A wife and two young children have been robbed of a loving husband and a doting Dad, and a community has been robbed of a fine police officer.
I address my remarks by way of an open letter to Hudson and Grace Leeding:
Dear Hudson and Grace
Long before you can read this and the many other words that have been written about your Dad, you will already know that he was a great man.
Many people will tell you stories about your Dad: the brave, determined and fearless policeman.
They will tell you stories about how in his heart he wanted to protect the good people from the bad, and to make our community a safer place—most importantly safer for you.
And they will tell you stories about how loyal he was to his police mates.
When you get to know your Dad's old mates and see the support they have provided to you and your Mum you will understand that these qualities are shared by all policemen and women.
The most important story though will come from your Mum and your loving family.
Mum will remind you of your Dad's unconditional love for you, and share with you special stories.
It probably will not be until you are parents that you truly understand how much your Dad loved you and how proud he was of your every expression and movement.
As I write this letter the devastation, tears and realisation of loss are felt by all in our community, but of course especially by your Mum and all who loved your Dad.
Take care of your Mum, because she is made of the same stuff as your Dad.
Let me close by saying, our only small offering is that we are grateful for the sacrifice your Dad has made, and the sacrifice your Mum and many other police officers make every day.
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