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7 April 2011 Julia Gillard is “delivering” as successfully as Kevin Rudd – dumping promises as fast as she makes them.

Confirmation today that Gillard Labor will renege on its promise to take “urgent action” on dental care in the coming Budget showed that the current and former Prime Minister have one thing in common – they can’t keep their promises.

Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said it was yet another example of Labor’s failure to deliver in health care.

“They’ve promised to fix hospitals, cut surgery waiting lists, reduce waiting times in emergency departments and open 36 so-called GP super clinics and failed miserably,” Mr Dutton said.

“That was Kevin Rudd’s record – now Julia Gillard is following in his footsteps, admitting that promises to significantly increase spending on dental care won’t happen.”

Mr Dutton said Labor’s incredible waste since coming to office meant that no money was available for Gillard Labor to deliver on its second term health promises with health appearing to be headed for more cuts in the looming budget.

“They could find millions to promote Kevin Rudd’s so-called ‘historic health reforms’ – since dumped in this so-called year of delivery – billions to build school halls and billions more on a dodgy and deadly pink batts scheme, but can’t follow through on promises to improve health care.”

“They are now spending tens of millions on detention centres for asylum seekers and readying to spend billions on the NBN and millions more on an advertising campaign to try to sell the carbon tax.”

The Shadow Health Minister said it showed Labor could not manage the economy nor health.

Given its admitted inability to provide funding for dental care, Mr Dutton today called on the Gillard Government to urgently reconsider Coalition suggestions that would make the existing Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme sustainable.


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