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1 April 2011Federal Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton today supported senior doctors calling for cuts to bureaucratic spending rather than cuts to frontline health services in Queensland hospitals.

Amidst continuing fears that Royal Brisbane Hospital and Princess Alexandra Hospital – among others - will have to cut services and close beds and wards to make tens of millions of dollars of cost savings, doctors have revealed that Queensland Health spent more than $30 million on consultancies.

“How does it make any sense to rip money away from doctors and nurses to employ extra health bureaucrats?” Mr Dutton said today.

Mr Dutton said Queensland Health was going the way of the failed Labor government in NSW where some hospitals could not afford to pay for food or bandages for patients.

“The Bligh Government can find tens of millions to spend on bureaucracy and then demands that major hospitals cut services. It defies logic.”

The Shadow Minister said it showed yet again that Labor State Governments and the Gillard Federal Government simply do not know how to manage health.

“Federal Labor is pouring money into these failed State Labor Governments for it to be wasted.”

Mr Dutton said the Bligh Government’s demands for cost cutting in the state’s hospitals would increase waiting times and waiting lists for patients.

“Julia Gillard must stop pouring good money after bad and demand accountability from the Queensland Government,” he said.


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