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7 February 2011

“We’ll be transforming our health system for decades to come”
Julia Gillard, The 7.30 Report, 6 December 2010
“From July 1 the Commonwealth’s share of hospital funding will increase to sixty per cent…GST retention and dedication to health care will commence.”
Julia Gillard, CEDA Speech, 29 November 2010
“The buck stops with me for delivering the health reforms that we have promised.”
Julia Gillard, Radio 3AW, 19 August 2010
Julia Gillard’s failure today to stand by her previous commitments to Labor’s so-called health ‘reforms’ confirm she is galloping away from them as fast as she possibly can.
Just as Kevin Rudd dumped his commitment to the “greatest economic and moral challenge of our time” – Julia Gillard is preparing to dump her “historic health reform”.
Health ‘reform’ is Gillard’s ETS.
Twice today the Prime Minister refused to answer questions about key planks of Labor’s reforms – that the Commonwealth would become the majority funder of health and that it would clawback GST revenue from the states to do so.
The Coalition has maintained that Labor’s health reforms were hollow, little more than a financial pea-and–thimble trick, devised as a political distraction when Labor was under fire for the pink batts scandal and the BER fiascos.
Shadow Minister for Health Peter Dutton said today there had been constant and growing criticism that Labor had little detail behind the headlines and overblown rhetoric about its ‘reforms’.
“The Gillard-Rudd ‘reforms’ have been falling apart since the moment they were announced,” Mr Dutton said.
“This government has been backtracking on the reforms from day one; ditching key aspects of them then unveiling Local Hospital Networks that weren’t ‘local’ and Medicare Locals whose roles remain inexplicable.”
“Now the Prime Minister is readying to abandon the pillars that were to hold the shell of ‘reform’ up – majority funding and GST clawback,” Mr Dutton said.
Health Minister Nicola Roxon has consistently argued that these so-called ‘reforms’ are vital for Australia’s health system, Mr Dutton said. “Does the Prime Minister stand by her Minister as these reforms unravel?”
Mr Dutton said Ms Gillard needed to clarify  exactly what measures her health ‘reforms’ now consist of and detail changes  the states will have foisted upon them at next Monday’s COAG meeting.
“At this point it looks like Julia Gillard’s year of “delivery” is going to begin with the dumping of another policy.”
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