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1 December 2010 -  Nicola Roxon probably rates it as another highly successful day for Labor’s health “reform” agenda – but then she lives in Kevin Rudd’s “lost” world – still waiting to find her way with Julia Gillard, said Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Acting Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing.

“For everyone else, it’s all too obvious that Federal Labor’s management of health is on par with the record of failure Labor has left at a state level,” Senator Fierravanti-Wells said.
“The Rudd-Roxon-Gillard so-called ‘reforms’ are unravelling at increasing speed, yet the Minister and Prime Minister continue to perpetuate the fantasy that everything is just fine.
“Firstly there’s the fraud of Medicare Locals – one of the key planks of Labor’s so-called ‘reforms’ – organisations that were supposedly to co-ordinate primary healthcare with Labor’s as yet non-existent Local Hospital Networks.
“There’s only one glaring problem – on the current proposals they aren’t ‘local’ – and any description of them as such is beyond belief. Just as the Coalition has long predicted – Labor is foisting another level of bureaucracy on the Australian healthcare system, one that is likely to be totally ineffectual at a local level.”
The proposals resemble the inefficient and incompetent area health networks of New South Wales and Queensland and from Medicare Locals that aren’t “local” to GP Super Clinics without GPs, Labor’s health policy plunges from laughable to ridiculous.
The latest of these “super” clinics is hardly “super”.
“According to reports in Adelaide the Modbury ‘super’ clinic has opened without any doctors and without anyone being able to say when this GP ‘super’ clinic will have any resident GPs,” Senator Fierravanti-Wells said.
“Finishing off Nicola Roxon’s highly successful day at the helm of health is her latest back flip. Having announced in the Budget that incentive programs for general practice after hours services would end by June next year – the Minister has now reversed that decision and extended the incentive programs until 2013.
“In short Nicola Roxon’s management of health is shambolic, incoherent and failing.”
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