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18 November 2010 The Shadow Minister for Health Peter Dutton today called for a freeze on non-medical workforce staff numbers across the nation’s health departments.

He said the Federal Government should refuse to provide further health funding to states that are not prepared to freeze the number of bureaucrats in their health systems.

At the moment, Mr Dutton said, the Gillard-Rudd Governments were pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Labor State Government “black holes”.

“All they are doing is funding great big new bureaucracies, not frontline services.”

“Money should not be spent employing more bureaucrats; it should only be spent on doctors and nurses.”

The Shadow Minister’s comments follow the release of the latest Public Hospital Report Card by the Australian Medical Association.

Mr Dutton said the report was a damning indictment of the Gillard-Rudd Governments and their so-called ‘reform’ in health.

“Kevin Rudd promised to fund an additional 3,750, but the AMA found that in the 2008-09 financial year only an extra 11 beds – 11 - were added in Australia’s 750 public hospitals.”

“In 2008 Federal Labor ploughed $150 million into the states for an elective surgery ‘blitz’, the AMA has found there was no ‘blitz’. There were no additional elective surgeries over and above those that would normally have been performed – the states simply gobbled up the money.”

“Waiting times were supposed to be slashed, but again this report found that waiting times for surgery remained static.”

Mr Dutton said other reports continued to reveal the Labor states actually have waiting lists to get on the official waiting lists and the numbers of people waiting for surgery was blowing out.

The Shadow Minister said the AMA Report Card showed the real picture of health ‘reform’ under Labor and yet again it revealed that Labor could not manage government departments or programs.

“Labor has presided over massive waste totalling  billions of dollars in education through its Building the Education Revolution and in the pink-batt insulation scandal and now its happening in health – billions of dollars are being spent for little or no result.”

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