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26 July 2010 Today’s announcement by Julia Gillard to increase the number of doctors and nurses in emergency departments over the next decade is just “more of the same” from Labor.

Another promise in health that is unlikely ever to be met.
In fact they’ve made these promises before. Remember the Bringing the Nurses Back program – it promised to recruit 7,750 nurses back into our hospitals from 2008, but managed to bring back just 360 and was scrapped in this year’s Budget.
“This will be the same, a big announcement and a total failure to deliver,” Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said today.
“And who would believe Julia Gillard anyway. Wasn’t she the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government that promised to ‘fix’ hospitals by mid last year or is she conveniently forgetting all about that?”
“Remember Kevin, Julia. Who could forget him? The man who spectacularly failed to ‘fix’ the hospitals, perhaps it was the people behind him who weren’t doing the hard work.”
Mr Dutton said Australians should also be concerned that the new Prime Minister didn’t even know where the money was coming from to fund her latest health promise.
One minute it was ‘new’ money, the next it was ‘provisioned’ for in the Budget.
“This is a government that just borrows and spends without any thought to the consequences.”
“This really is just more spin to try to win an election, more of Kevin Rudd’s 2020 pie in the sky.”
“Only a Coalition Government will end the waste, repay the debt, stop the taxes, stop the boats and help families,” Mr Dutton said.
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