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21 July 2010 Julia Gillard will do to Australia what Anna Bligh has done to Queensland.
That is why she is desperate to avoid being seen with the Queensland Premier and next-in-line Labor national president.
She knows that if Queenslanders look into the Gillard mirror they will see Anna Bligh.
Bligh replaced Beattie, Gillard replaces Rudd – the faces change – the tune remains the same.
“If you close your eyes, Julia Gillard sounds like Kevin Rudd, who sounds like Anna Bligh, who sounds like Peter Beattie and Queenslanders know what that means,” the Coalition’s Peter Dutton said today.
“Bligh and Beattie are synonymous with endless spin and a lack of substance, their ongoing legacy is one of incompetence, mismanagement and downright deceit.”
“Queenslanders know they were misled by Labor at the last State election where decisions on rail sell-offs and fuel subsidy cuts were foisted within weeks of Bligh winning government – now they can see a repeat performance on the way.”
Mr Dutton said the “new leadership” of Anna Bligh replacing Peter Beattie was a fraud and Queenslanders would recognise the same Labor con-job now being perpetuated at a Federal level.
“No wonder Julia Gillard will do what she can to avoid Anna Bligh and the all-to-real comparisons of Labor’s leadership changes.”
“Union bosses, puppeteers, like Bill Ludwig, installed Anna Bligh; they cut down Kevin Rudd and now Gillard is their latest façade – a new shopfront, but the same products are being pedalled inside.”
Mr Dutton said Queenslanders knew exactly where Julia Gillard was “moving forward” to – more of the same waste and failure that Kevin Rudd had wrought.
“Anna Bligh was Peter Beattie’s right hand, Julia Gillard’s was Kevin Rudd’s – things went from bad to worse in the Beattie-Bligh changeover, don’t expect any difference in the Rudd-Gillard swap,” Mr Dutton said.
A Gillard Government would be a continuance of the focus-group slogans and constant spin that were hallmarks of Kevin Rudd.
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