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3 June 2010 Health Minister Nicola Roxon is the perfect example of why Rudd Labor gave us the deadly pink batt blunders and the school hall scandals, she’s so busy out there scaremongering that she’s not doing her job.

The Minister constantly engages in juvenile attempts to misrepresent the Coalition position on health issues, the latest being her Media Release of 2 June 2010 titled – “$1.2 Billion reasons to never trust the Liberals with health”.
The “giant risk” to the health system that the Minister talks about is her own Labor Government.
The Minister has mishandled her portfolio so badly and consistently that she is constantly forced into back-flip after back-flip, the latest just two weeks ago when she had to defer Budget changes to mental health services.
That comes on top of back-downs on cataracts, chemotherapy drugs, macular degeneration and IVF treatments.
It’s the sort of performance that led to deaths, fires and $2.4 billion wasted on the home insulation scheme. It’s the sort of performance that has led to vast waste in the $16.2 billion school hall scandal.
The Minister should stop playing her university-level politics and ensure that Labor doesn’t do to health and hospitals what it has done to tens of thousands of homes and schools.
The changes the government wants to make to our health system through diabetic patients enrolling for treatment with one particular general practice or practitioner does hold the potential to dramatically change our primary health care system.
There is concern in the ranks of health professionals about the government’s plans which will undermine the fee-for-service model that  has underpinned primary health care in Australia for decades.
The Coalition has clearly stated it does not want to see the existing fee-for-service model undermined.
We don’t believe in patient enrolment or in other words conscription.
We do support investment in primary care that benefits patients and supports our system as evidenced by the Strengthening Medicare Initiative we introduced in Government – a $4 billion additional commitment to primary care from 2004 to 2007-08.
At this point Minister Roxon has no runs on the board – she promised to fix the hospital system and hasn’t, she promised to deliver 36 super clinics and has opened just three.
The Minister should stop experimenting with the health system and do the simple hard yards required to keeping it working for patients.
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