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9 April 2010 Mr Brumby makes a very serious claim that questions the Prime Minister’s ‘dominant funder’ status.
If the claim by Mr Brumby is correct that under Mr Rudd’s plan Commonwealth funding will go from 41 per cent to 42 per cent, not 60 per cent, then Mr Rudd must now clarify the situation.
The Rudd Government must immediately reveal all its Treasury modelling on the Prime Minister’s plan to change funding arrangements for health given Victorian Premier John Brumby’s assertion that the Rudd plan would increase federal funding by a mere one per cent – not to the 60 per cent as claimed by the Prime Minister.
Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton called on the Prime Minister for once to actually allow the transparency he so often talks about, but never allows.
“Kevin Rudd makes a lot of claims about his so-called health reform plan, but that’s all he does. In light of Mr Brumby’s calculations, the Prime Minister must reveal all his government’s modelling to show that his proposed changes actually do what he says they’ll do.”
“Certainly Victoria does not believe there is any substance in Mr Rudd’s claims that his government will fund 60 per cent of hospital costs.”
“It claims that after Mr Rudd takes back 30 per cent of its GST revenues – he’ll only increase hospital funding by one per cent to 42 per cent – it’s now incumbent on Kevin Rudd to prove, rather than simply assert, this is not the case.”
“In other words Prime Minister – it’s time to show us the money!”
Mr Dutton said the Prime Minister must prove that he was not simply recycling funding as Mr Brumby claimed, nor creating a great big new bureaucracy again as Mr Brumby claimed.
Mr Dutton said the Coalition would support reforms that provided more doctors and nurses and better outcomes for patients, but there was serious doubt that Mr Rudd’s plan would do any of these things.
“Australians should note the assessment of Mr Rudd’s plan by his Labor colleague, Victorian Health Minister Daniel Andrews,” Mr Dutton said.
Minister Andrews described the Rudd proposals as “convoluted, incoherent and impractical”.
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