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2 March 2010 Watch out Australia – Kevin Rudd intends to “whack” you before you get the chance to “whack” him – forget all those crocodile tears at the weekend.

It seems certain he’s going to “whack-in” a whole new layer of bureaucracy as his answer to ‘fixing’ hospitals and health.

It’s a well worn Labor path established by those Labor luminaries – Beattie, Bligh and Carr.

Just as they filled hospitals with desks rather than beds and spin doctors rather than real doctors – Kevin Rudd will add an extra layer of bureaucracy to the health equation.

Even worse, it appears funding will go straight to the failed regional health boards in the failed Labor states of NSW and Queensland.

“These are the boards that regularly blow their budgets and leave hospitals without the necessities to care for their patients,” Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton said today.

“If the speculation is right, Australia’s Chief Bureaucrat has come up with the bureaucratic solution to beat all bureaucratic solutions.”

“This will not improve health outcomes one iota.”

Mr Dutton said it was clear a panicked “Premier” Rudd was rushing to make announcements to distract from his pink batt debacle and his abject failure to sack Peter Garrett from Cabinet.

“This is all about distraction and spin, not substance nor concern for real health reform,” Mr Dutton said.

Mr Dutton said Australians should see Mr Rudd’s actions for what they were – a desperate attempt to divert them from the failings of a Government which had promised health reform, but failed to deliver.

“Remember hospitals were to be fixed by mid last year. There were to be GP super clinics all over the country – so far this Government has delivered just two of the promised 31.”

“What we see here is Mr Rudd going to the next election promising to do what he promised at the last election – and he expects people to believe him.”

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